SOCIB: Best Practices offshore MPA Management

SOCIB has been showcased in a recent report from the Regional Activity Centre For Specially Protected Areas of the United Nations Environment Programme/MAP. SOCIB and its multi-platform approach was selected as a reference case study and highlighted its tasks in operational ecology to support the monitoring and management of key pelagic species (e.g. Bluefin tuna, jellyfish and sea turtles) in the Mediterranean Sea. The full report can be downloaded here.



  • Reference: UNEP/MAP-RAC/SPA. 2015. Best practices and case studies related to the management of large marine transboundary areas: Options for the preparation of joint proposals for inclusion in the SPAMI List in accordance with Article 9 of the SPA/BD Protocol. By Johnson, D.E. and Tejedor, A. Ed. RAC/SPA, Tunis. 2015; 84 pp.