SOCIB has celebrated the mid-term review meeting of IBISAR

Taking advantage of the context offered by IMDIS 2018, SOCIB has celebrated the mid-term review meeting (face-to-face) with IBISAR team members, collaborators and targeted users to update on the project progress on the 5th November, hosted by CSIC-ICM (Barcelona).

The meeting attendees, listed in the agenda, include participants from different institution: AZTIPuertos del EstadoSASEMAR - JovellanosSASEMAR - CSS Palma, CSIC-ICM (COSMO project team) plus SOCIB staff.

The goals of this mid-term meeting were:

  1. Meet with the project team and collaborators 6 months after the start date 
  2. Update on the project progress
  3. Discuss any questions, concerns, difficulties and user's feedback
  4. Define follow up actions

The main outcomes that emerged from the meeting:

  • User's feedbacks add a new dimension and very valuable insights to CMEMS data
  • Significant improvements have been made in the COSMO Lagrangian models 
  • Five data (from CMEMS and complementary databases) are expected to be integrated into the IBISAR service database
  • Collaborators suggest the integration of HFR from Ebro Delta
  • Potential synergies with NARVAL (the IBI-MFC validation tool) have been considered
  • Compilation of historical drifters data and their integration into CMEMS INSTAC is needed
  • Modellers have been identified as potential users of IBISAR service
  • New surface lagrangian drifters deployments are expected in the forthcoming months


Thanks to all participants for their contributions and feedbacks and special thanks to CSIC-ICM for hosting the meeting.

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